Kim Kardashian is a Walking Billboard


One thing celebs have on the rest of us is that they can easily get paid to promote products and services by being seen with something or just a breif mention.

For Kim Kardashian, she’s usually a little too obvious!

You’ve seen her blog where she shouts out many products on a daily basis, as well as her Twitter page, which always seems like more of a commercial than anything.  Her latest…eBay!

Kim has been hosting charity sales on eBay for a while now, and it’s really a great way for her to auction off her stuff to her fans, but  her tweets this morning made her sound like one of those cheesey go to college from home commercials with the bad actresses who never went to college at home in real life, but they moved to LA to pursue a dream of acting but could only land a cheesey home college commercial.

She writes; “Do u guys ever shop on EBay? I just got an Elizabeth & James brand new w tags blazer for $169 its in stores now for $450! What a good deal!”

Not so bad right? She then follows it up with, “I just found out eBay is opening up a Holiday store in NYC! Gonna do XMas shopping there! Going 2 NYC tonight! I will check it out tomorrow!”

oh and a response to someone which went a little something like this ; “u do have 2 be careful on eBay but check out the seller’s history! That says it all! I’ve been buying & selling 4 almost 10 yrs!”

Hopefully they paid her a pretty penny for all of this!

While you’re following Kim trying to find the latest products, follow @Starzlife for all your favorite drama!

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