Beth Shak: Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Face


Here’s one thing that is going to attract people to watching poker on television.  Beth Shak, poker’s sexiest player!

She’s taking the scene by storm and could very well soon be on top of the game.

In a recent interview with News of the World, Beth Revealed some deep dark secrets.  Will you call her bluff?

Imagine we’re playing strip poker: You’re down to your underwear when you come up against NotW’s straight flush. I’m afraid your full house is beaten this time. Would you make your excuses and rush to the ladies’ restrooms, or would you be a good sport and strip off all the way?

I’d take everything off. Being a gambler a bet is a bet. I had one pro poker player welch on part of a bet. That’s never done. Your word is everything in this business, I’d ask for some hot background music.

Isn’t poker really a man’s game? They’re said to be better at hiding their emotions afterall…

Poker is believed to be a man’s game. I feel if more women would play they would come on top more. Women have natural gut instinct’s that men don’t have. We have patience. Now I can’t give all of this away…!

Poker’s a funny game in that it has conflicting images. On the one hand it’s a glamourous past-time of the rich and famous; while on the other it’s a game for seedy old men in smoke-filled basements. How would you describe it?

Wow. It’s a profession with 98% men. Most of the players have very little money. They are playing on a hope and a dream. Some are backed, but very few are actually successful. You walk into a poker room and most of the men are far from dressed fashionably. Clean shaven? Almost never!

Imagine we’re playing strip poker again. NotW is holding a pair of eights, nothing more. How do we bluff our way into getting you to strip off?

Honestly, what do you look like.? I’m not ashamed of my body. If it’s in good jest, you never know. By the way, I may be holding 2 over cards and you may be stripping off.

Not good. How do you dress to play – we’re guessing you put on your skimpiest outfits to distract the opposition…?

The million dollar question! Most of the time I wear jeans, a cute top and Christian Louboutin’s I tend to dress sexy but not inappropriate. I love fashion so I can’t give it up just to play poker.

Ever cheated at poker?

Yes to lose. When I first started to teach my son. He was so excited to have AA vs my KK. I would never cheat Karma!!!!!!

Do you have a ‘poker face’?

No “poker face” just my usual smile

Back to strip poker – do socks count as one or two items?

Sock’s are definitely two.

Poker players aren’t normally sexy, are they? They’ve usually been awake for a couple of days on a diet of whisky and cigars. What happened with you?

Wow.. I should say thank you. I just feel sexy. I think it exudes from me

You look great in the pictures. Do you wear lingerie at the poker table, or is it saved for a special someone…?

I wear Agent Provocateur every day. I wear it for myself. I like to feel sexy and hot for me. Just maybe someone else will see it.

Finally, back to strip poker. When did you last play – and how badly did you lose?

You’re not going to believe this but I’ve never played. I was married. I’m not sure if it would have gone over well. The good news is I have a lifetime to play ahead of me.


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