Hancock 2 Put on Pause

Will Smith Captain America

Hancock fans may have to wait a bit longer for the sequel, as Will Smith has decided to hold off for a bit to spend more time with his family.

Sure, he’s rich already so he can do that, but there’s got to be a better reason than the old family excuse.

The films director, Peter Berg, is claiming that the pause is due to everyone’s busy schedule, saying it’s hard to get everyone together to discuss and plan a movie.  He even compared it to the Israeli peace treaty.

Says Berg;

“It’s being written now and it’s an issue of everybody involved in Hancock. There are so many cooks in that particular kitchen that it’s so busy and Will has kind of taken time off to be with his kids and his kids are now making all kinds of films.

There are so many people involved in that, from Will to his (business) partner James Lassiter to Michael Mann, myself and to get us all in the same room just like this where we can all talk and then agree on anything, you’ve never met a group of people that have a harder time agreeing on anything.

It’s like the Israeli peace process times a thousand how tough it is to resolve. I think it’ll happen though. We just have to kind of get in the same room for some consistency.”

It’s not like this is the first sequel ever.  I’m sure scheduling conflicts have happened while planning moves.  Either go ahead with it, or don’t!

Do you want to see Hancock 2?  Or could you do without it.

50/50 here!

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