Good News Telecommuters: Free WiFi Coming to McDonalds!


When you’re stuck working on the road or from home and don’t want to shell out the 3.99 per 2 hours to work with the snootie patooties at Starbucks,  you will now be able to go to the happiest place on earth (not talking about Disney) and use all the free Wi-Fi your heart desires.

McDonalds announced today that in mid January 2010, about 10,000 of 14,000 stores nation wide currently charging a free for the wireless internet use would be dropping the fees and letting you surf for free.

That essentially means you can show up there early and grab an egg mcmuffin, work all the way until noon when you enjoy a 10 piece chicken mcnugget meal, and close down shop just in time for dinner at five with a big mac value meal.

It’s like going to the office only the office is a vision of heaven!

According to an article, this move is part of McDonald’s attempt at transformation from it’s hamburger roots into a hang-out destination.

In addition to the Wi-Fi, the fast food chain hang-out destination will unveil a new 1$ breakfast menu next month.

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