Let Pauly D Learns You Somethin’ About Haih


Thank you, Jersey Shore cast. You make this job so damn easy. It just never ends with you.  What am I going to write about between seasons? Silly me, I make it seem like you’ll all just disappear from the headlines. I’m sure at least one of you will drop dead from whatever happens to your heart from dancing on steroids.

Yah evah wondah how to get ya hair all blow-out Statue of Liberty-like so’s you can look like Pauly D? Youse probably think it’s real simple – just hang upside down from a chin-up bar and lower yah head into a vat of gel, right? WRONG.

Watch DJ Pauly D show youse how it’s really done, with Spikah, the best product on the market, and a serious haihspray – it’s both a moldah AND a shapah. Ladies, you’re definitely going to want to run your hands through his luxurious locks after watching this – get your gardening gloves!

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