Kiss em’ Goodbye in 2010


The state of the economy, and the demand for new things is going to cause us to lose some of our old time favorites in 2010.  Will you be losing one of your favorites?

Below are a few of the things you can kiss good bye in 2010.   Hurry though, you may still have 9 days to run out and grab them before they are gone.

Ben and Jerrys Select Flavors of Ice Cream:
Chocolate Almond Nougat (formerly: The Gobfather)
Vermont Python
Strawberries & Cream Light
Ginger Snap
Coconut Almond Fudge Chip

Many Magazines

· Gourmet (1941)
· Southern Accents (1977)
· Metropolitan Home (1981)
· Vibe (1992)
· Nickelodeon (1993)
· Travel & Leisure Golf (1998)
· National Geographic Adventure (1999)
· Blender (2001)
· Domino (2005)
· Portfolio (2007)

The internet is taking over, and with cell phones that bring up the web with just one touch, who has time to buy or read or store alot of magazines these days.  I did love me some Southern Accents though.

GM’s Pontiac Brand

No more Sunfires, no more Grad Ams, no more middle America.

GM’s Saturn Brand

Next up for 2011… No more GM…

Virgin Megastores

Richard Branson owns a private island.  Would you want to oversee a bunch of CD stores in the age of iPods and downloads?

Abercrombie and Fitch’s Ruehl

Nobody shops at the regular one anymore, why would they shop at a sister brand.

Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages

Because  drunk heart attacks are going to be soooo 2009.

Kodak Kodachrome Film

I’m sure these little film packets are doing well in the age of digital cameras.  Heck, even cell phones and Ipods have cameras on them now.  If you’re the person holding up the line at CVS to get your prints developed, you’re either a) artsy fartsy, or b) 70 years old.  Either way, nobody likes you.

South Beach Living
Diet Frozen Food Entrees

The jig is up.  Fad diets are no more.  (Bout time)  You’e either anorexic, or you eat right, and work out.  Those are the only ways to lose weight.  Don’t listen to what anyone else tells you.

Want to see the rest of the list?   Click here.

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