Ashlee Simpson Must be Real Popular With the ‘Chicago’ Cast


She’s never been thought to be a genius, but there’s certain things you just can’t forget!

That’s just what Ashlee Simpson did when asked about her co-star in the Broadway production of Chicago, forgot his name!

During a recent chat about her run as Roxy on the show, which debuted November 30th, she was asked about her co-star, Brent Bennett, and just couldn’t recall his name.

Nearly a month after her debut, she drew a blank and said; “Oh my god! Names, names, names, names, names.”

It wouldn’t be the end of the world, some times things can just escape a person.  But it had to be mighty embarrassing the next time she saw him on the set.

Also probably doesn’t help that there are reports she’s already a non fave with the cast as she hoarded off an entire section and banned the rest of the cast from  being near her mega-famous family at an after party the night of her debut.  Like imagine all the autographs Jessica would have had to sign!

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