Get Kim’s 2010 Calendar For FREE! + $29.99


Hey all you Kim Kardashian fans out there looking to get your hands (or well, you know) on a Kim Kardashian 2010 calendar  but don’t have the $12.99 to fork over for one?

Don’t worry!  Kim Kardashian posted a secret link on her Twitter advertising that you can get her 2010 mega hot 16 month calendar for FREE!!!

From Twitter;  ” KimKsBlog Get My 2010 Calendar for Free –”

Oh but there’s a catch.  There’s always a catch.

In order to save $12.99 and get her 2010 calendar for FREE, you have to spend $29.99 on other things!

Like these $14.95 “A** Like Damn” booty shorts…


She’s also got laptop skins, iPod skins, and kids t-shirts for sale, so surely it won’t be hard to find something worth your money.


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