Zoolander is Behind and Below COCO


The divide between Jay Leno and Conan O’brien is becoming wider than the grand canyon, but it seems as if the scales are tipping heavily on Conan’s side.

Though the network seems to have already made up their mind over moving Jay Leno back to 11:30 and putting Conan on at 12:05, it’s not going to stop people from taking sides and calling BS on NBC.

Even celebs are taking sides in this one.  The latest, Ben Stiller.

Ben posted this photo of Conan to his Twitter page with the text, “I STAND BESIDE AND BELOW COCO,” with a link to the photo above.

Conan is smart to not quit and cost himself a ton of money, but it’ll be interesting to see whether he takes a hefty pay raise to go on at midnight, or a buyout to move over to Fox.

Why has nobody thought about the obvious solution though.  Keeping Conan at 11:35 and putting Jay on at 12:35.

Simple as that.

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