Rob Estes is 9021-Out


Peace out Principal Wilson!

The CW is rumored to be cutting costs, and the first thing to go from 90210 is shockingly going to be West Bev’s principal, and father of two of the shows main characters, Rob Estes.

You can easily write a principal out of a show, and you can easily phase a parent out to reoccurring or just gone for good, but it gets a little tough when it’s a one-two combination.  Wonder how they will pull it off?

Apparently it all comes down to money though.   Rob is reportedly one of the biggest names on the cast (really?), and is asking for more than they are willing to spend.

Other rumors are claiming that He’s not happy about this decision at all, when the show is full of small mediocre parts that could be cut from the script and nobody would notice, but we’d like to believe that he’s leaving the show on good terms.

Plus, that keeps up the hope of a comeback here and there.

What do you guys think about Rob Estes’ departure from 90210?

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