Jay Leno: ‘Not Appropriate’ to Reach Out to Conan

jay leno

He’s been rather quiet during this whole late night fiasco, simply sitting back and watching himself regain control of  the Tonight Show from the bleachers, but now Jay Leno is speakin’ up.

In a chat with Oprah that will air on her show on Thursday, Leno tells Oprah that he’s yet to speak with Conan O’brien yet, explaining that it “didn’t seem appropriate.”

Leno, who will return to the chair he has sat in for the past seventeen years this March thinks he’s going to  “let things cool down” before approaching his former colleague and friend, adding, “maybe we’ll talk, you know.”

Leno passed the torch to O’brien six years ago and the two have appeared on each others show since.  Shame to see that all go to waste!

Step up, Jay!

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