This Guy is Selling Abstinence Rings!

mug shot paul reubens

Not to bring up such a hard time for Pee-Wee Herman during his big come-back and all, but his new online shop opened, and while T-shirts, posters, and other items that will act as souvenirs for his (possible) final on stage performance as the famed character, I stumbled across a rather strange item.

Abstinence rings!


For all I know maybe Paul Reubens is still the big V, and maybe that’s what lead him to that rough patch and arrest back in 1991.

Either way, just seems like a strange thing to sell.

Also, for those people all three out there who do take pride in saving themselves, named Kevin, Nick, and Joe, (now just Nick and Joe) Would you want your abstinence rings to say “Pee Wee Herman Live” on the top?

Either way, never a surprise from the world of Pee Wee Herman.

Check out PW’s store at

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