Gwyneth Be All Flailing Around and Stuff to Tone Her Arms


Gwyneth Paltrow‘s GOOP is indispensible. If you want an unbiased guide to the best charcuteries of the eighth arrondissement to check out when visiting France on a budget, a fashion icon’s opinions on this season’s hottest shampoos, or simply need a recommendation for a new life coach/crystal therapy practitioner, there is no competition.

In this video, Gwyneth demonstrates the arm work-out devised for her by Tracy Anderson. It consists of the arms movements known as “the worm wiggle,” “the high five, girlfriend,” “the double high five, girlfriends,” “the no you didn’t,” “the talk to the hand,” the bus driver,” “the my hands are the rising sun,” and the “get out my face,” performed in varying combinations. What makes the video so hypnotic is that it’s performed to Keri Hilson’s “Knock You Down,” which is basically last year’s best song. Gwyneth could score a video of her waiting for her kelp mask to dry to this and it would still be pretty funky.

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