2 Yrs 4 Txt Stalking Ashanti’s Mom


Devard Hurd says he just wished the best for Ashanti when he texted pictures of his genitals to Ashanti’s mom, Tina Douglas:

Hurd said the messages were intended as friendly repartee, “sex texting” and jokes, and he didn’t think Douglas would mind them.

Wrong-o, Devard! Dick pics might bowl over a common barfly, but this is the woman who birthed the woman who sang that song with Ja Rule. Also, texting a picture of their house and mentioning your plans to stop by was a little rude. People don’t even appreciate drop-bys from friends, let alone from psychos who want to marry your daughter but will settle for dating her corpse. Devard’s received the full two years prosecutor’s pushed for. Think about that the next time you’re about to drunk text, especially if it’s to Ashanti’s mom.

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