Um, Like, FINALLY! Robert Pattinson Admits He’s Pounding Out Kristen Stewart


Dude, we knew, but good for you for saying out loud. You’re now free from a life of lies. This is how Clay Aiken felt and how Corbin Bleu will feel.

Robert Pattinson has finally owned up to his relationship with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart:

“It is extremely difficult but we are together, yes.

“We can’t arrive at the same time because of the fans. It goes crazy. This was supposed to be a public appearance as a couple but it’s impossible. We are here together and it’s a public event but it’s not easy.

“We have to do all this stuff to avoid attention.”

Robert is currently shooting Bel Ami with Uma Thurman. No, not a movie for the twink-centric gay porn studio, silly! Just a movie that will appeal to the same audience!

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