Snoop Dog Awaits Lift on UK Ban


Snoop Dogg will find out soon if his ban on entering the UK is lifted when the U.K. Asylum and Immigration Tribunal is to make a ruling on whether the rapper will be allowed back in the country

Back in 2006, Snoop was arrested at London’s Heathrow airport after a fight broke out involving his entourage.  The fight lead to  a ban on the rappers entry to the country.

In 2008, a judge lifted the ban claiming that there was no hard evidence that Snoop himself was responsible for the altercation, and that he should be allowed back in, until the Court of Appeal decided that the judge may have “misinterpreted the test of exclusion.”

Snoop’s agent, Brent Smith,  has hit the UK officials with a hum-dinger though, claiming that since being banned from the country, “Snoop has missed out on several arena tour opportunities, many TV and festival opportunities, as well as a few proposed charity events… And now the U.K. taxpayer is financing the court appeals.”

Genius hitting them with that taxpayer line!

Pack your bags Snoop I think your time is comin’.

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