EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!! Debbie Rowe: Lunch and Law Enforcement


Someone woke up on the other side of the barn!

We spotted Debbie Rowe EXCLUSIVELY grabbing a sandwich at a Los Angeles Deli this past weekend, but unfortunately she wasn’t very happy to see us!

Debbie quickly made a retreat to her monster truck after leaving the deli, and as our photographers returned to their car and left out of the same plaza exit, Debbie had a bit of a crazy moment!

Rampage Rowe pulled up to the first stop sign, thew her rig in park, and held up traffic for five whole minutes while she phoned the police.

Check out our EXCLUSIVE video below to watch some near by officers approach her car and ask her what the problem is.  Rowe fabricates a story about how our photographers have been recklessly following her on the highway almost causing an accident.   The officers tell her they’re sorry, but there’s not much they can do because nobody had done anything wrong or illegal.

Sorry Deb!

Check out some more photos of Debbie Rowe and don’t miss the EXCLUSIVE video below.


Debbie Rowe calls the police on the paparazzi from Starzlife on Vimeo.

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