EXCLUSIVE!!! Details On Jon’s Fast Paced Custody Battle


We’ve got some news as to way Jon Gosselin has decided to go full speed ahead with these legal proceedings seeking full custody and more money from Kate Gosselin, calling her an “absentee mother” while she is on Dancing With the Stars.

Our Gosselin insider tells us EXCLUSIVELY; “Jon figured Kate’s celebs would keep her on Dancing With the Stars for a while, and it still might, however now that he’s seen her dance a few times he knows it’s going to take a lot of votes to keep her around.  Jon is jealous that Kate is on TV every night of the week, and on the cover of the magazines and and he’s not, so he has to move quick before she’s released from the show.”

Our source adds, “Kate escaped elimination last night barely, so Jon is going all out for the next week hoping he can get something done in his favor so he can return to his former Pennsylvania home and be with his children.”

Jon’s lawyer, has been blabbing to anyone who will listen that Kate’s “Hollywood lifestyle” is no good for the kids,  but as Kate’s lawyer points out to RadarOnline; “It’s obvious that [Jon] seems to time his issues regarding the kids to when Kate is doing well…Now that Kate is on Dancing With The Stars and pulling in 20 million viewers he decides to try to amend the custody. Is that a coincidence?”

Jon should enjoy this little bit of press he’s getting while Kate is on the show, because when she’s off and back with the kids, he’ll be getting nothing at all.

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