EXCLUSIVE!!! Miley and Liam: Trouble in Teenage Paradise?


Liam Hemsworth is an Australian born actor who essentially scored his first big American role when he got the part of Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend in The Last Song.

He essentially scored his ticket to Hollywood when he got the part of Miley Cyrus’ real life boyfriend on the set of The Last Song.

But could the LA newbie be ready to buckle under the pressure of the hectic Hollywood lifestyle?

Hemsworth opened up to People Magazine earlier this month saying the Cyrus clan was like a second family to him, and there are still rumors that he plans on moving into Miley Cyrus’ new Toluca Lake mansion when she turns 18, but Starzlife has learned that Hemsworth has been struggling with her mega star status in recent weeks.

A source tells Starzlife EXCLUSIVELY; “Liam thinks Miley is great and has a great time with her, but she just recently announced her new record release, and he knows with that will come months and months of promotional and cross country touring.”

It can’t be easy dating a pop superstar, right?

our source continues; “Liam is new to the Hollywood scene.  He’s going to get work, especially being Miley’s boyfriend, but the fact that they met on the set of a movie together, and have been together ever since is going to get tough once they both have separate careers.  Liam has secretly told some of his friends he’s nervous about it, and can feel the tension growing as the situation nears closer.”

Do you guys think this storybook romance will last?  She is only turning 18.  Look at all those pop stars before her have been through relationship wise since they burst onto the scene ten years ago.

It could be the beginning of a long and winding road for Miley Cyrus.

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