Estranged Wife of NBA Star Wade is in Mega Trouble!

The court room drama between Dwayne Wade and his estranged wife Shiovaughn is about to get intense!

Shiovaughn has made several claims about Dwayne during their ongoing divorce, even suggesting that Dwayne had engaged in sexual behavior with his new girlfriend in front of the children.

The Miami Heat were knocked out of the NBA playoffs last week, so Dwayne was in court in Chicago this morning for divorce proceedings, but Shiovaughn never showed up.

The judge made a deadline, before threatening to issue a body attachment order, meaning they’d pretty much find her and drag her back to the court room!

There may be a good reason for her trying to skip out on court though, because now that some new documents have surfaced, she has to feel like a complete fool! has released these legal docs, from a former friend of Shiovaughn, who spilled the deets on her three plus year affair with another man, paying for his clothes, car, and apartment, and taking everyone on vacations to Las Vegas and San Diego while Dwayne was out of the country playing for Team USA.

If those claims hold true, she is pretty much guaranteed to not see a dime in this divorce!  Cross your fingers, Dwayne.

To check out the documents and read it all for yourself, head over to by clicking here.

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