Lindsay to Miss Court Date Over Stolen Passport

It was only a matter of time until the excuse came out of why Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t be returning home from France on time for her Thursday morning court appearance.

In the closing hours of Wednesday, it was confirmed by Lindsay’s lawyer that she fears her passport has been stolen, and she can not travel with out it.

Lindsay’s mother, Dina confirms to Radaronline; “It is true that her passport was stolen.  “This was not a planned scheme. We are actively dealing with the French Embassy as we speak but unfortunately they close at a certain hour so we¹re trying to get someone in a higher echelon to help us.”

Not willing to be left out, Lindsay’s father Michael hit up the same source with his take on the whole thing; “Right… Ok. It’s just another lie. Everyone knows that. I still plan to be there and make my case to the judge,” he said.

You would assume this is something she would have been taking care of during her trip for that reason alone, but this is Lindsay Lohan we are talking about here.

Still Dina is insisting that she will be in court by Friday or Monday, so there’s no need to worry.

Should Lindsay be punished by the judge for her passport being “stolen?”  She could have avoided the whole thing and just not gone on the trip at all you know… Hopefully the judge doesn’t any offer any more sympathy hand outs here.

Are you guys buyin’ it?

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