Lindsay to be Free For the Weekend

Sorry mugshot enthusiasts, but you might not be getting a new Lindsay Lohan to add to the collection just yet…

Yesterday a judge issued a warrant for Lindsay’s arrest, with bail set at $100,000 , but unfortunately there won’t be any arrests made when her plane returns to the USA from France.

Lindsay’s team was able to post the $10,000 to secure the bond yesterday, so she will be free until an 8:30am Monday morning when the judge will set a date for her probation violation hearing.

Lindsay better count on her lucky stars that the judge doesn’t catch a glimpse of THIS PHOTO, which popped up on twitter and is spreading around like wildfire! It’s reportedly from the past night or two in France where Lindsay was partying it up until the wee hours of the morning.¬† Go ahead, look at the photo and play ‘Where’s Waldo,’ only pretend that Waldo looks like a couple miniature piles of snow.

The judge will also be likely to slap Lindsay with  stipulations  including no alcohol consumption, a SCRAM bracelet which would alert them of any alcohol consumption, and random weekly drug tests.

Hopefully we get that mugshot sooner or later though!

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