Do You Know the Gibb Brothers?

Who knew that the Bee-Gees were a bunch of Cray-Zees? is reporting of a little incident that took place at a London airport when Robin Gibb was headed to LA to have meetings with his brother, Barry, along with perform as a duo on the finale of American Idol.

Everything was smooth sailing until while waiting to board his flight (first class of course) Robin saw the passengers ahead getting patted down before entry to the plane.  Knowing they would find the massive amounts of pills that he hides on is body, Robin does what any celeb would do … go crazy while throwing the “Do you know who I am ” card.  Needless to say… he didn’t make the flight.

Apparently, Robin Gibb has some secrets that you would have never expected!

Sources close to him explain: “Robin is addicted to uppers and downers, he is completely hooked on oxycontins.”, claims source and continues, “he likes to get loaded and go to dodgy parts of whatever town we are in looking for transvestites.  Most of the time he will have two of them start working on each other while he watches through the car window and jollies himself.. other times he joins in.”

Not only is it the drugs, but Robin Gibb apparently has a live  in male lover, Shamon, on the grounds of his Oxfordshire estate.

Though the Gibb brothers have barely spoken in a decade, as Barry Gibb is upset that his brother is damaging the Bee-Gee’s name, he is no saint himself!

He has battled with drugs and alcohol in the past.

Will these two make it to the stage of American Idol tonight?  We can only hope. Drunk.

Honestly can you even think of Barry Gibb these days without thinking of this:

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