Lindsay Cheats the System, Allowed to Take Prescription Drugs

Lindsay Lohan seems to have maybe pulled a fast one on the legal system!

Even though she’s wearing a SCRAM bracelet to keep her from drinking, and facing random drug testing once per week, she will still be allowed to take prescription meds for her conditions.

Lindsay claims she’s on Adderall for her ADHD, and needs Ambien to help sleep at night.  As long as she can provide proof of prescription from a doctor, she will be allowed to take these drugs.

Hello! Judge!  Do you know what these drugs are?

Adderall, or as they like to call it on the streets where you can get it for 10 bucks a pill, “DIET COKE.”  You can even crush it up and snort it!

Ambien?  Must we remind you judge of a few other Hollywood types named Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson,  Lindsay’s idol Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Anna Nicole Smith, etc…  All died at a young age because of prescription meds.

Prescription drugs are just a legal way of doing drugs!

Even if someone is monitoring her dosages,  she can get that stuff on the streets for her free time.  When it shows up in the testing, they aren’t going to know how much she’s taken, and she’ll have a doctors slip saying it’s okay!

What do you guys think? Should Lindsay be allowed to take these meds?  Is she doomed?

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