Spencer Pratt Gets His Final Check From MTV

What clutch timing for Heidi Montag!

RadarOnline is reporting that Heidi filed the separation papers  just after Spencer Pratt received his final paycheck from MTV.

According to the rules of Separation,  Spencer can’t touch any money Heidi makes from her new reality show, or any acting deals, but in the event of divorce,  earnings would be split per their pre-nup.

Spencer was paid $675,000 by MTV.

Who knows how long it will last though, a source explains: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Spencer goes postal now.  I mean he just got his last check and the way that kid blows through cash, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s broke by the end of July.”

What?  No money to be made from Fist Pumping 4 Love?

The question still remains  whether or not this is just all “part of the plan,” but things seem to be be getting “serious.”

We still think it’s all a fake though, after this tweet last weekend.

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