Spencer and Heidi Both Pulling the ‘Cheater Card’

Could cheating allegations be the next big thing to shake up the Heidi Montag/Spencer Pratt separation scandal?

If not, it’s at least the next big thing to create some more press for them!

Both sides are calling infidelity against one another, blaming that for the reason they separated.

Caution: This story may give you a headache.

Spencer Pratt is reportedly furious that Heidi Montag is staying at the Malibu home of his ex friend, Cougar Zank, the ex marine that Spencer invited to live with them to work on a script before the split.

Yeah, we thought she was moving in with Jen Bunney and the Shannon twins as well, because she typed it herself on her own Twitter page.  But what do we know?

A source close to Pratt tells RadarOnline: “He considered Cougar HIS friend, and he’s convinced himself the only reason Cougar would have sided with Heidi in the split is that “he wanted her for himself.”

Zank was even spotted on a recent trip to NYC with Montag, where she was pitching said reality show.  She maintains that she keeps him on as a bodyguard.

On the other side of the fence, a Montag pal is claiming that it’s Spencer who’s been spending a lot of time and money on another woman, and that’s her main concern.

So is this break up going to get more and more vicious, or are Heidi, Spencer, and Cougar Zank all meeting up at night in Malibu and laughing while they count money and play with crystals?

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