Tom Cruise Hits Twenty Year Low! Time to Hang it Up?

It’s not just one bad opening for Tom Cruise, but  Knight and Day was his lowest opening weekend of the past twenty years!

Not two, not five but twenty!

It’s not his first flop, but generally a Tom Cruise film has done well at least in it’s opening weekend based off of his name value alone!

Knight and Day only managed to bring in $20 million this weekend, behind  Adam Sandler’s Grownups, and Toy Story 3.

With the news that Paramount is considering a Mission Impossible 4, should they re-consider?

Could it be time for Tom Cruise to retire?

We say no!  At least not until he puts out the Les Grossman film!  That’ll debut HUGE!

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One Response to Tom Cruise Hits Twenty Year Low! Time to Hang it Up?

  1. June 29, 2010 at 8:16 pm #

    I just read several articles about Tom Cruise and his latest movie Knight & Day and I am extremely upset over this whole Tom Cruise thing. I have read tons of hate comments towards the actor just because he freely chose a religion some people don’t like. It seems the once “land of freedom” is not so anymore. It’s obviously the land of bigotry and bullying these days. It seems people are able to choose the religion they wish freely and they have the right to express what they think freely and to be respected, but they don’t give Tom Cruise that right. They all have it but Tom Cruise doesn’t. How do you call that?

    He jumped at Oprah’s couch. I watched that and I found it a really funny show and enjoyed it a lot. The man had found love and was full of happines. I wish I was that lucky. But obviously he doesn’t have the right to be happy in public or express his feelings in public either.

    What we have seen in America is the worst mass bullying against a celebrity I’ve ever seen and I feel ashamed of the unhuman American Media and American People.

    Many journalists and people not only picked on him for months and months, but insulted him for many stupid things such as for not being tall, thus insulting all the people on earth who aren’t tall, like me.

    His movie Knight & Day just opened a few days ago in America and it didn’t open in the rest of the world yet but the media is already saying it bombed. How you dare! You don’t know! You have no idea how much it’s gonna make in the whole world because… there is life outside America, you know? And Tom is big worldwide.

    The rest of the world still loves Tom Cruise who is a very admired man abroad. He is huge there and he can continue making movies and being successful abroad as long as he wants.

    If I were him I would stop releasing movies in America and I would just make them for the rest of the world because, let’s be honest here, right now roten America doesn’t deserve somebody as good as Tom Cruise.

    I think you journalists should be really ashamed for bullying a celebrity that bad and for trying to destroy him. Isn’t that evil? You should think about what you have done and start writing really good things about him to make up the damage you have caused if you still want to enjoy his movies in America.

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