Inferno Director Frustrated He He Was Denied Visit With Lindsay

Matthew Wilder, the director of Lindsay Lohan’s next film, Inferno, is frustrated that he wasn’t able to visit the actress in jail this past weekend.

Wilder told RadarOnline: “It was really frustrating because I wanted to see Lindsay in person on Saturday to try and lift her spirits,” he said. “I went down to Lynwood and filled in all the paperwork and waited in line for about 45 minutes only to be told at the last minute that I could not see her because she had used up all her visits. I immediately called her assistant, Eleanor, and she told me that she would in fact not be able to see anybody which was really frustrating.”

He could have saved himself the gas money, and an hour of his time had he just read the internet and all the controversy over her only being allowed two visitors per week.

But hey, a little extra press for the film never hurt!

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