Zac Efron Spooked By Bats as a Kid

Growing up, Zac Efron was just a regular kid like the rest of you.

He and his pals used to truck around their Cali neighborhood breaking into old run down homes.

How midwest!

Zac tells Britain’s OK! Magazine how they were once “scared sh*tless” by a pack of bats!

“When I was growing up, the house next door was haunted, nobody would go inside. It had these broken boards and there were all kinds of weird stories about what happened there.

“One time me and my friends went in but it was really weird, like something from Alice in Wonderland. We had to hike through a field of really tall grass to get to the front porch. There was a smashed window in the back, so we went inside and looked around. We went up to the attic and heard a bunch of noises. We were like: ‘What is that?’ Then all of a sudden bats just flew out at us – we were scared s**tless and ran away. I’m pretty sure that place is haunted.”

Celebrities… Just like you, but now rich!

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