Lindsay Up For Early Release?

Now that Judge Marsha Revel has been removed from the Lindsay Lohan case, it seems the actress may be in for a shorter than 90 day stay at rehab.

Danette Meyers, who was the prosecutor in Lindsays case recently revealed:

“My understanding from conversations with Shawn Chapman Holley is that Miss Lohan could be released early from the treatment facility. It is looking as if that is what the health care professionals are going to recommend. How much earlier she could be released I’m unsure of at this point. I will follow what the health care professional advise. That could involve follow up treatment for Miss Lohan, however, it is my understanding that it is looking like the health care professionals will be recommending that she be released earlier than the 90 days Judge Revel previously ordered.”

We hope the decision is for enough days.  We hope they don’t let her off too easy!

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