Jodie Foster Clear on Photog Smackdown Charges

The lean mean fighting machine, Jodie Foster, has been cleared of any in all charges in relation to the May 2010 beat down of a teenage paparazzi.

After the photog’s father filed a police report that Foster “pushed and shoved” his juvenile son as he tried to snap photos of her and her kids leaving an LA shopping mall, the case went to court.

Team Foster claimed the photog followed them from the movie theater to the valet parking, and claimed that her kids were afraid so she touched him on the elbow trying to push his arm down while asking him to stop.  That was reportedly the extent of the physical contact, though the kids father claimed she poked him in the chest, and grabbed him by the arm causing visible damage.

The good news for Jodie, is that the judge didn’t see enough evidence to prove she laid the smack down, so she’s all clear.

We’d bet the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It always does.

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