Affleck vs. Affleck

Talk about rubbing salt in a wound, Ben Affleck and younger brother Casey Affleck both have a movies in the theater at the moment. Ben, of course, directs and stars in The Town which opened at number 1 this week pulling in over to 23 million dollars. The film Casey directed, I’m Still Here ,on the other hand, barely broke 100,000 its second week out.

Sure it had less screens, but it’s doing far worse than expected. After a disappointing first week, to drum up viewers Casey Affleck went ahead and announced what everyone had figured out far before the film even hit theaters, that the whole documentary was a fake.   It’s still unclear what exactly he and star Joaquin Phoenix thought they were going to achieve with a smug movie based entirely on cliches, but Affleck did get a couple of sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him out of it, while Ben will undoubtably end up with a couple nomination.  It’s got to sting a little more that big brother Ben is knocking it out of the park while little Casey is a swinging and  missing.

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