Ochocinc-oops! Cereal Pulled After Number Leads Fans to Sex Operator

Thousands of boxes of  Chad Ochocinco’s cereal, ‘OchocincOs‘ has been pulled from the shelves of stores carrying it, due to an error in the phone number for  the Feed the Children charity foundation.

Customers who bought the toasted oats cereal and wished to call and make a donation to Feed the Children were shocked when the mis-printed digit lead them to a sex line.

Ochocinco claimed in a statement: “I take the blame and apologize to everyone affected.”

But he has high hopes for the product, hoping that the headlines created will cause greater awareness of the product, and help Feed the Children to receive even more attention and donations in the end.

The Pittsburgh based company who creates and distributes the products will be shipping out the boxes with the correct phone number soon.

Chad shouldn’t be at fault here!  The company that markets the product is out of Pittsburgh!  It had to have been an inside job!  We kid, we kid…

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