Back to Work For Lindsay Lohan

Welp, things seem to be going Lindsay Lohan’s way.

She’s officially allowed to get back to work.

While Lindsay Lohan has recently moved into a sober living house near by the Betty Ford clinic, and recently spent some time out shopping and seeing movis in the area, she’ll be permitted to get back to her first gig next week.

A photoshoot for a major magazine.

Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley reveals in a statement:

“The move to the sober house is part of the program so that Lindsay is integrated back into society, and all the outings she’s taken have been pre-approved and encouraged by program representatives. I’ve spoken with her counselors who say she’s complying with all of the program directives.”

The shoot will take place near by in Palm Springs and we imagine it will be supervised by the facility.

Good to see that she might be doing well enough to get back to work, we hope they wouldn’t let her do it too early!

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