Pam Anderson Joins Big Brother Cast in India

Wow, this is weird. Pamela Anderson is going to be on Big Brother, not the American one or the British original but the one in India actually called Big Boss.  The show in India is more of a celebs version of Big Brother and living in the house with Pam will be Indian models, TV actors and notorious criminals.  Anderson has been popping up in some interesting places lately including a speaking engagement at Oxford on the subject of vegetarianism , needless to say her choice to appear on Big Boss is probably connected some how to her crusade for her animal rights crusade.

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One Response to Pam Anderson Joins Big Brother Cast in India

  1. November 16, 2010 at 11:45 am #

    U guys did not mentioned about King of Bollywood who rules more than a billion hearts, ” Mr.Salman Khan ” who is hosting this edition of Big Boss.He was voted 7th handsome man of the world in 2004 by people’s magazine. If u dont hav any idea about him let me inform u that he is more popular than Tom Cruise.

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