Paris Hilton Fires Back at Endorsement Lawsuit

Paris Hilton has fired back at a lawsuit filed against her by a company with whom she teamed up with once to promote hair extensions.

Hairtech International filed a $35 million dollar suit against the heiress earlier this year.

The company claims that Paris was in breach of contract after she showed up to interviews wearing rival product, and by going to jail in 2007, which broke a written term that she must obey the law.

Paris has since countersued, seeking $3 million in punitive damages.  She even proved an email from the company after their initial shoot in which the owner writes: “Hey Paris. I know it was a long day, but baby you ‘Rocked.’  Just from the takes I saw this is going to be one hellava commercial, you were genuinely amazing.”

Though that doesn’t exactly do anything for her favor, we think the judge is going to laugh at their request for $35 million, and the fact that part of the deal was that she had to obey the law.

Must be tough times for Hairtech International and they are scraping the barrel!

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