Nick Lachey Talks Jessica Simpson Engagement Timing

It probably sucks for Nick Lachey that Jessica Simpson announced a surprise engagement just a week after him, not because she’s stealing his spotlight, but because people keep asking him about it.

Though he has previously said he’s happy for her and wishes her the best, someone finally asked him the much anticipated question of if he though her timing was strangely coincidental.

Lachey told USA today: “I don’t have any thoughts on any of it. I don’t know what people are saying. I’m not the one to speculate on timing.”

As for his own wedding, Lachey tells the paper:

“We haven’t really planned anything yet. We’re still newly engaged so we’ll [eventually] get to all that.”

He may really not care about the coincidental timing, but you know him and Vanessa have sat at home and laughed about it together!!!

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