Mark Wahlberg Essentially Pays For His Latest Role

Mark Wahlberg wanted to play the role of Micky Ward so bad in the new biopic, ‘The Fighter’, that he pretty much paid to play, rather than receiving a pay check.

Wahlberg not only took a pay cut from his usual guarantee to play the role, but he shelled out a ton of money hiring personal trainers to teach him how to fight, which included covering their travel expenses as well.

In the end, it cost him a cool $500,00

He tells Sports Illustrated: “I spent more money paying my trainers and having them travel with me than I got paid, by a good half a million dollars.”

No biggie though, the movie is getting GREAT reviews, and not only has Wahlberg gotten a Golden Globe nom for his performance, but his co-star Christian Bale has as well.

They might be riding this train all the way to the Oscars!

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