Could Lindsay Lohan Be Headed Back to Jail Over Rehab Battery Charges?

Could Lindsay Lohan be headed back to jail?

It’s a possibility!   Lindsay is a suspect in a criminal battery case at the Betty Ford Clinic  after a staffer is accusing her of getting physical during a late night verbal altercation.

Lindsay maintains that the story is:  She returned home 12 minutes past curfew on December 12, and when the lady grabbed her and got physical first to take her to a drug/alcohol test, Lindsay pushed her away.  Simply self defense.

The staffer on the other hand wants to press charges and have Lindsay charged with battery.  A charge that would probably violate her 2007 DUI probation and send her back to jail for 180 days.

Michael Lohan has spoken up about the altercation, saying:

“Lindsay was 10 minutes late for curfew and this woman was targeting her. She told Lindsay, ‘You’ve got to come in,’ and grabbed Lindsay by the arm. Lindsay said, ‘Get your hands off me’ and this woman didn’t even call Betty Ford administrators, she just called the police. Lindsay thinks this woman has had it out for her from the beginning and she’s looking for any reason to stop Lindsay from getting out [of Betty Ford].”

The story also claims that Lindsay and co were returning from a bar when they showed up to the clinic 12 minutes late that night, though it’s not been clear if any alcohol/drug tests were given out/ if any results have become available.

It looks like this one is going to get messy, and it’s a shame as she only had a little more than a week left in the program.   Yes, she’s innocent until proven guilty, but we have a feeling if this thing presses forward, there has to be some surveillance footage from a rehab facility that will tell the story right away.

Why not just save everyone the trouble and take a look at it now!

We’d hate to see her get locked up again, but maybe she’ not doing as good as everybody thought!

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