Johnny Knoxville Still a Jackass, Not a Stooge

Despite reports that Johnny Knoxville has replaced Jim Carrey in the new Farrelly brothers ‘Three Stooges’ film, the writer is claiming that isn’t exactly the case.

The film hit turmoil when both Carrey and Sean Penn quit their roles, and the rumors that Knoxville had been cast seemed fit, however Peter Farrelly tells Entertainment Weekly:

“You don’t want people to think ‘they already cast that thing,’ because we haven’t. It’s wide open to everybody.”

Maybe they’ll pick him up though.  If anyone can be a stooge, it’s Knoxville!

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One Response to Johnny Knoxville Still a Jackass, Not a Stooge

  1. January 16, 2011 at 3:21 am #

    Can’t be replaced but…
    Robert de niro – moe
    Joe pesci – larry (come on, home alone had 3 stooges written all over that)
    Chris farley – curly :(…

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