Bristol Palin Dropped From University Abststinence Panel

A group of students from Washington University have protested an invitation to Bristol Palin to speak at their St. Louis campus causing the invitation to be rescinded.

Bristol was invited by the Student Health Advisory Committee to talk about abstinence during the university’s Student Sexual Responsibility Week, but concerns of her lack of expertise on the subject and the use of student raised funds have lead to her name to be taken off the speakers list.

Palin gave birth to her son, Tripp, 2, in 2008 right before her mother was tapped to be John McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate.

Student Philip Thomas, who lead the protest explained: “People are getting so angry because of the opposition to Palin’s lack of expertise and the high cost she is charging,”

Bristol has been an advocate of safe sex and abstinence since giving birth to her son, and has plenty of speaking experience on the subject since then as well.  We think it’s absurd that student’s could overturn a decision approved by the university.

Do you think Bristol should be allowed to speak?

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