Lindsay Lohan Booked, Posts Bail

A judge in Lindsay Lohan’s felony theft case this afternoon came down hard on the troubled star, explaining to her “you’re no different than anyone else … please don’t push your luck.”

Lindsay was in court to faces the felony theft charges over a necklace that was “borrowed” and since returned to a local jewelry store.  Celebs borrowing jewelry for events is no new science, but when it’s not done with the proper procedure and not returned on time, someone has to take the fall.

After entering a not guilty plea, Lohan was booked and taken into custody with a bail of $20,000 in addition to having her probation revoked, which raised the bail to $40,000.

The actress has posted bail and been released.

Mugshot to come!

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One Response to Lindsay Lohan Booked, Posts Bail

  1. February 9, 2011 at 11:14 pm #

    I’m afraid Lindsay Lohan is just going to learn the hard way and do some serious time in prison. She seems to think she is above it all and just out to destroy herself! I have daughters her age and it’s just so sad to see this beautiful girl going down the wrong road. We’ve all seen it in Hollywood, sad stories just like Lindsay. I pray that she will get the help she needs and changes before the headlines are tragic!

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