Johnny Knoxville & Co. Coming Back to Theaters

Jackass 3D was a huge hit at the box office, bringing in $117 million dollars which was almost six times their production budget, so can Johnny Knoxville and his gang of fearless “jackasses” have success going the scripted route?

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that two projects are pushing forward, which would hopefully keep some of the guys around and help persuade Johnny Knoxville to give Jackass 4 a go.

The first project is a film called “First Man.” It’s a comedy that centers around  a reckless husband (Knoxville)  letting loose after his wife is appointed President of the United States.

The other, is a project called ‘Mustache Riders’ which has been being thrown around for some time now. The film, about three crooks who embark on a adventure for buried treasure, is being retooled for Jackass stars Knoxville,  Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn, with country music legend Willie Nelson also rumored to be up for a part in the film.

Though Knoxville’s last big film, ‘The Ringer’ disappointed overall, it’s a tough call on how these types of films will do, but if the studio’s main concern is getting the gang back for Jackass 4, which is guaranteed gold, then the risk is worth the reward.

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