Joel Madden and Nicole Richie’s Twitter Pillow Fight

Joel Madden and Nicole Richie got into a bit of a Twitter spat this week, though we dont think another celebrity break up is on the way.

The war of the words was only over pillows, and the two were clearly joking with one another.  But did the Nicole Richie fans think so?

It all started when Madden tweeted: “Do you ever look at your credit card bill & ask your wife how the hell she could spend 3 thousand dollars on pillows?”

He followed it up with “I do. I mean can’t we just go to Target and get our pillows???”

Nicole, who is in Paris (France, not Hilton) for Fashion Week responded to her husband, “That’s why I ignore your calls.”

Madden then demanded the pillows were on their way out! “Needless to say the pillows are going back to the expensive ass pillow store. Hope she likes the Target pillows I’m putting in their place,” then adding, “I was thinking they must be made from unicorn manes.”

While most would find that a playful exchange, Madden closed out the day tweeting about all the messages he was getting from Team Nicole, saying that he was “getting attacked by angry kids on Twitter.”

Fans are so serious!

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