Jersey Shore Contract Negotiations Still Ongoing

As with every season of Jersey Shore, contract negotiations are holding things up in crunch time for some of the cast members who are demanding more money.

To be fair to them, their 15 minutes could run out with any season of the series, so asking for as much as they can every chance they get is a smart plan for their futures.

Last season it was Ronnie, Sammy, and Vinnie who held things up before getting their raises in the final hour, but as far as the season in Italy, those three are the only ones officially signed on right now.

Reports are that Deena has agreed to her deal, though has not signed yet, and negotiations for Snooki, The Situation, and Pauly D are still ongoing.

No doubt Ronnie and Sammy signed because they were thankful to be invited back at all, and Vinnie probably knows he’s only good for a few good episodes per season, and should take what they offer.

As for the shows “Big 3” the careers of The Situation, Snooki, and Pauly D are promising after the shore, so they are going to make sure filming the show is even worth their while compared to the money they could be making staying back in the states.

Sad, but true.

No doubt they will all get what they want, or it will be the end of the show.   Would you watch Jersey Shore headlined by Ronnie and Sammy for an entire season?

The answer is no!

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