Jackie Chan Raises Three Million For Japan

Jackie Chan is so not dead, that he was able to raise $3.3 million dollars for Japan in just three hours at his benefit concert at Hong Kong’s Victoria Park this past Friday.

And Chan thinks it’s got to be a record!  He tells The Hollywood Reporter;

“When I picked up the phone and called my friends in the entertainment business in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore, right away, they all agreed to come over… I still have some of the cash donations that people gave me today in my pocket… It’s got to be a record to raise so much in just three hours.”

Chan also admitted that he plans to keep on giving; “My goal is to have $0 in my bank account the day I die. I get very happy when I think about that, no more worries. I buy the things I like, I give money to charity, and then I try to make more money. I’ll be frank with you: It’s not difficult for me to make money. If it’s easy, why shouldn’t I give it away?”

Rumors ran rampant on the internet last week that Jackie Chan had died when the hash tag RIP Jackie Chan became a two day favorite on Twitter.  The singer was alive and well preparing his relief efforts for Japan.

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