Mickey Rourke Takes Back Comments About New Film

Mickey Rourke is now trying to make amends with the director of his latest film, ‘Passion Play,’ after he publically branded the movie “not very good.”

Rourke was asked by New York Magazine¬† about the reason the film was only getting a limited release recently to which he made the comments that it wasn’t very good.

Now the actor, who plays a musician in the film is backtracking his comments, saying he was in a “sh*tty mood.”

Rourke tells Vulture;

“Hey, guys. When I talked to you, I was at a party. It was loud and crowded, I was in a s**tty mood and I was trying to get rid of your reporter. ”

“Mitch (Glazer) is one of my best friends since we were kids. I loved working with him and would do it again tomorrow. I don’t know why I said that stupid s**t. I love Mitch, I love Megan. My bad.”

You buying Mickey’s apology?¬† Or is ‘Passion Play’ really that bad?

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