Top 5 Reasons ‘The X Factor’ Will Steal The ‘Idol’ Faithful

The X-Factor is very close to it’s FOX debut, and it’s going to not only be one of the biggest Fall premieres this season, but one of FOX’s biggest fall premieres ever.

So here are the Top 5 reasons why ‘The X-Factor’ will do great, and take some of the American Idol faithful.

  1. It doesn’t air against American Idol, so fans won’t have to choose.
  2. Paula Abdul and Smion Cowell will be reunited at the judges table, arguably the best one-two punch Idol ever saw.
  3. Simon Cowell
  4. Simon Cowell
  5. Simon Cowell

Joining Abdul and Cowell are Antonio LA Reid, and Nicole Scherziner, with rumors of Mariah Carey signing on as a mentor, this show has success written all over it.

Will you tune in?

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