Rob Kardashian Forced To Do DWTS By His Mommy

Rob Kardashian is prepping for the coming season of Dancing With The Stars, but just how enthused is he?

Rob explains:

“I’m actually shocked that I’m doing it — I’m very low-key and really don’t like being in the spotlight, but my mom forced me. That’s the real reason I’m doing it!”

“She forced Kim to do it, too! [My family] told me that I had better beat Kim as she’s a terrible dancer, and if I couldn’t do this, then I had a problem. I’m just hoping that I do well.”

However, even if he doesn’t win, he’s hoping that the intense training will whip him back into shape.

I weigh more than I’ve ever weighed, at more than 200 pounds. I’m usually always in shape, but I’ve been enjoying not working out and eating crap, so I’ll use this to really start getting in shape!”

Good luck, Rob!

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