Lindsay Lohan – Too Broke For Groceries

More money troubles for Lindsay Lohan?

You just have to read the new story in the National Enquirer, which alleges that Lohan was shopping at a local Venice beach super market when she came up short in the cash dept.

The spy tells the mag that Lohan loaded up her cart with all sorts of junk food, and acted surprised when she had no cash at the register.  Hoping one of her pals would swoop in and save the day, Lohan’s friend pulled out a $10 dollar bill, which was hardly enough to cover everything.

The cashier instructed Lohan that she’d have to put some of the stuff back, to which she responded: “This is just f****** great!” When it came down to decision time, the store spy claims Lindsay explained,  “Well…I have to have my Ben & Jerry’s and…OMG…I have to have my chips and salsa too.”

Check out the article for the rest of the story, including the woman she pissed off in line behind her, and her shedding hair extensions.

Tough break!

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